Is Nikken True Elements Shampoo & Conditioner Paleo?

True Elements Triphase Shampoo & Conditioner

Nikken True Elements Shampoo & Conditioner

Leave it to Nikken to come up with Shampoo and Conditioner that our paleo ancestors would approve of.  All natural ingredients with magnets.  My hair has never been so happy!  Talk about energized and revitalized.  I have hypothyroidism and a symptom of that is dry brittle hair that falls out in clumps.  I have been using Nikken’s new True Elements shampoo and conditioner since it was launched in October and my hair is stronger, thicker, and is no longer falling out in clumps!  My hair wasn’t even this healthy before I had hypothyroidism.  Just what nature intended for us. Combine that with the PiMag shower filtration system and you have a paleo head of hair you never thought possible!!  Thank you Nikken!