Paleo man and the Energy Connection – Magnets – Earth Energy

So what is it about human beings that we forget to listen to our instincts. We are too smart for our own good. Have we evolved so far from Paleo man that living outside in nature is something for the not so smart animals. But who really is the smarter of the two? Us or the rest of the animal kingdom living in the wild.


Yes, dolphins probably can’t do algebra, but everything they need to thrive they find in the wild. What is it that makes them healthy and the rest of us in captivity, yes, I say captivity not just for the animals at the zoo, but us humans held captive in our unhealthy homes and offices.


Mankind thought it was a pretty neat thing to be able to find a cave with a dirt floor to protect them from the elements. But we couldn’t stop there. We got tired of sleeping on the cave floor so we spread animal skins down to soften the ground so we would sleep better. Then someone figured out if you take some branches and some vine you could fashion a bed frame then cover that with some animal pelts and be off the ground. You see where I’m going with this. Now we sleep indoors, with the bedroom on the 2nd floor, on a raised platform bed with a mattress 18” thick and we can’t get a good night sleep. What are we missing?


What do you get when you sleep on the cave floor? Energy! What do you get when you walk through the forest or along a running stream? Energy. That’s what’s missing. The Energy of Nature, Magnetism. We had it all when we slept on the ground, now we “Have it all” and can’t sleep a wink”. What’s the answer? What if you could bring nature indoors with you, without the dirt? The answer is Active Wellness with Nikken.