You're Designed To Sleep Naturally!

Magnetic technology in our sleep system, provide you the same energies that have nourished man for thousands if not millions of years. We use Organic materials to create a natural environment for rest and repair. You can enjoy the same revitalizing energy you would from sleeping in contact with the Earth’s surface. You can sleep cocooned in this protective environment. More than ever this is so important. Do the research and discover the sleep system of the future goes back to nature. You will feel and see the difference for yourself!   Start with a pillow or the entire Sleep system.  The important thing is to begin the change.

Your Bed Can Protect You From More Than Cold!

The chances are that you won’t get the sleep you need, unless you create a natural environment that promotes good sleeping. A Nikken Sleep System combines a number of revolutionary features designed to help you experience the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep. No other product or system has ever brought together this unique set of technologies and materials, that are intended to make your surroundings more naturally conducive to healthy, restful sleeping.

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