Sleep Testimonials

However, millions of people have shared their personal experiences. Here are just a few sleep system testimonials.

“I suffered for 13 years as a fibromyalgia patient and was unable to rest at night. Then someone loaned me a KenkoTM Sleep System. I experienced immediate relief from my achiness and sleeplessness and felt better after just a few days. Both my husband and I discovered that on the Sleep System, we needed less sleep and felt more rested. We now have more energy and stamina than we did 10 years ago. I am forever grateful to Nikken for giving me back my life!” – Neenah Dressler

“Due to a car accident when I was 17 years old, I experienced constant discomfort in my lower back, head and neck. I had difficulty sleeping and felt stressed all the time, leading to an existence with absolutely no vitality. In 2000, the mother of my daughter’s friend heard me complaining about my back and persuaded me to give Nikken products a try. My husband thought I was crazy and wasn’t thrilled when I brought home a KenkoTM Sleep System, but I woke up the next morning amazed at how good I felt. When we had to return the borrowed Sleep System, even my even my skeptical husband insisted that we invest in our own as soon as possible. My husband and I feel great and our relationship with each other is much improved. We were also surprised with our unexpected (but much loved) third child, who turned six in January! The difference in our lives has been amazing, and I would never – even for a million dollars – give up using Nikken products.”– Elise Spinelli

“On a flight from Toronto to Vancouver in late 1994, my husband Colin was seated next to a Nikken Independent Consultant. Their conversation led to the topic of my chronic physical discomfort, and we wound up borrowing the KenkoTM Sleep System. I began to notice a gradual improvement, but what really impressed me was that for the first time in years, I was sleeping through the night. My discomfort – which was especially bad in the mornings – had vanished almost completely, my energy level began to improve daily, and I was beginning to feel alive again. Nikken’s truly unique products have changed our lives forever.” – Anne Wilson, Calgary, AB

Years ago, an accident left me wheelchair-bound. As a result, I had difficulty sitting up for extended periods of time without experiencing back pain, and recurrent bedsores put me in the hospital several times. However, since using the KenkoTM Sleep System, I have not had bedsores in the last eight years. It makes a great difference in my health and wellness. Nikken has provided us with the power to make a difference in people’s lives because Nikken makes a difference in our lives. –Bob Kimmerle, Newport Beach, CA

I began using the KenkoTM Sleep System in October 2004, and it has eliminated my lower back discomfort. I no longer wake up with intense leg cramps like I once did. Instead, I wake up extremely well rested and refreshed every morning, even when I’ve only slept four or five hours.
Dennis H. Boone, Woodbridge, VA

When we were introduced to Nikken in April of 1999, I was sleep deprived due to Wayne’s snoring and grinding of his teeth. The first night we borrowed the KenkoTM Sleep System, Wayne didn’t snore or grind his teeth, and I awoke the next morning feeling alert and eager to start the day. My joints felt terrific, with full mobility. We soon placed Sleep Systems in all the guest rooms at our bed and breakfast, and our guests could not believe how well they slept – many of them had not experienced quality sleep in years. With backgrounds as a registered nurse and corporate executive, respectively, we were both initially skeptical of the technologies. Our doubts vanished when we experienced the benefits of the products. –Barbara Richmond & Wayne Boughen, Huntsville, ON

Our daughter Mia was born in 1997. Late to speak and prone to violent anxiety attacks, she was diagnosed with various forms of autism. When she was in first grade, I was talked into bringing home a KenkoTM Sleep System, along with other Nikken products. I was not interested in the Sleep System so I put it on Mia’s bed. That night, she slept like a log, did not flop around, and did not grind her teeth for the first time ever in her life. The next day Mia’s teacher called me crying and informed me that Mia just stood up in front of the class and read a book out loud! I immediately bought Mia an entire Sleep System and noticed a complete transformation in my daughter. This literally happened overnight!
Lisa Sturt

Angela is my 4 yr old daughter, a pretty girl born with a lot of difficulties. She was born with respiratory problems, she had trouble walking, trouble eating and chronic digestive problems (autistic symptoms). Non verbal… not even sounds. Didn’t smile or laugh (depressed I guess). Couldn’t sleep, banged her head against the wall or on furniture. No eye contact. Sleep was hard to come by for my wife. We were both really sad ourselves because of our daughter’s conditions. No energy, no hope and no solutions were offered. Just bad news from the doctors saying it would only get worse as she grew up. We were at our wits end! Then one day I bumped into Nikken and my life changed instantly forever. When I got home with the products, my daughter was asleep and I placed the magnetic pad on the bed and placed Angela on it. Wow, Angela slept way better (breathing was quiet). It was a miracle. How could this be and why didn’t I know about this sooner… I was excited and upset at the same time. Angela spoke 5 days later (we were both hysterical). She is now super happy, runs, jumps, talks, hugs, sings, and daddy does too. We are in love with life again. I see a better future for my daughter and my family. Thanks to these wonderful products. I am forever grateful.
Al Segala

My husband James and I have been fighting an uphill battle with our son Cade, who was diagnosed with autism in 2006 at 3 yrs old. With modern conventional therapies working to reach into his mind to communicate and help him progress, was slow at best. Cade was diagnosed as a high-functioning autistic child but was still only at the level of a one year old. Our family is entirely health conscious, my husband and I are strict vegetarians, as are our children. We tried to modify Cade’s diet by eliminating gluten products, which could affect his mental status. This did not prove altogether advantageous; there was no discernable difference in Cade’s progression.

After a year of conventional medicine, we were introduced to Nikken. We weren’t opposed to the idea, but were also not willing to plunge headstrong into something we knew nothing about. My husband has been a nurse for 10 years, and worked as a paramedic 7 years prior to that. So we did some research and study and learned that Nikken products had improved lives.

Cade’s progress had been very slow up until we introduced Nikken into his life. His sleep had always been restless and he was extremely irritable when he woke up. His ability to focus and concentrate was a struggle, and he would have sudden outbursts which we learned to cope with by distracting him with other things.

To give you an idea of our challenges with Cade, here is an excerpt of his speech evaluation. The clinician wrote: “Cade simply was unable to participate in structured activities or assessments though a considerable amount of time was spent trying to help calm him down, settle in and sit in a chair to participate. Clinician allowed him to site with mom, stand by the table, and/or have a stuffed toy with him during the assessments. This held no interest for Cade and the assessments were discontinued due to his running around the room and his general inability to participate.” These events are vivid in my memory and his behavior in that office was no different than his actions at home. But after he had been sleeping on a Nikken sleep system (magnetic travel pad, pillow, and comforter) the first week, we began to see drastic changes. He slept soundly, no thrashing about, he woke up easily and wasn’t irritable. His focus and concentration improved and his outbursts were much, much less severe. It was, as some would put it (and we’re among them), a miracle.

We decided to let Cade sleep on a conventional bed for a night just to see what would happen, just to see if his change was “coincidence”. In the morning everything was difficult; it took him a while to wake up and he was irritable again. Throughout the day he, and we, struggled with is attention and focus. It was like he was his old self again. That convinced us this child will continue to have Nikken products surrounding him. Not only has it proven itself effective for him, but it is risk free, there are zero side effects! Cade is now doing remarkably well. This little boy who struggled to maintain the level of a one year old can now complete a workbook designed for children form ages 4 to 6. He continues to make strides everyday and he is a jewel to every eye that beholds him. –Ken and Betty Liukkonen

I wanted to share the following testimonial with you: My son, James, was diagnosed with autism before the age of 3. I started attending conferences all over North America, getting newsletters from all over the world and became trained in teaching modalities that showed us a good percentage of progress. James is now 11. Over the years, we made progress, but James still had a sleep disorder and a rash on his arms and legs that we couldn’t do anything about. I tried everything.

For the sleep, I tried massage, Reiki, herbal remedies (melatonin), and even painted his room Blue for a calming effect. Of course, the doctors were prescribing medicines throughout the years. Yet every night, this child would get up and roam all over the house, turning on TVs with loud volume, turning on lights, and going into his brother’s rooms and wake them up. Needless to say I was struggling with lack of sleep myself. It disrupted the entire household. I decided to try a Nikken mattress pad on this bed. It still amazes me. For the FIRST TIME IN EIGHT YEARS, I WOKE MY SON UP! That was almost two years ago, and he continues to sleep every night, medicine-free! His body is now doing what it is supposed to be, and he is now making more progress through the day because of this good sleep he is getting. He is also now completely medicine-free through the school day as well! He has had other positive effects from Nikken products, and if I didn’t experience this myself, I would have never believed it. The best part was how non-invasive all of these products are. Autism is like a puzzle, and you are always seeking the right pieces that fit. Well, I definitely found some of the biggest pieces to help my son. –Carla Piccarreto ‒ Rochester, New York

My husband and I have two sons. Our youngest son Myles is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Autism just after his 2nd birthday. Myles was non-verbal at the time, had little to no eye contact, and did not answer to his name. He also had a very high level of activity all the time, and very sporadic sleep patterns. Since the time of his diagnosis we have been heavily immersed in all of the traditional therapies including behavioral therapy, speech and occupational therapy which have helped him to make great strides. However, Myles’ sleep continued to be a very difficult piece of the puzzle. It would take him anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours to fall asleep and then he would consistently wake up 1-3 times each night. This had a very negative impact on our family as my husband or I would have to sit in his room with him until he feel asleep in order to avoid distractions and other behavior issues. In August 2006, I was introduced to Nikken. We bought our wellness home at that time and added a 2nd sleep system for Myles. We saw a positive change in his sleep from the very beginning. He now takes a maximum of 15 minutes to fall asleep! This is an incredible relief to us! Myles also wears insoles in his shoes, two sports bracelets linked as a necklace around this neck and has an air wellness traveler in his bedroom. He chooses to drink a great deal more water than ever before now that we drink Pi-water! We’ve noticed that he is drawn to the Biaxial Body Energizer. We call it the “relaxing machine” which translates to “laxing sheen” according to Myles. In addition to the positive change with his sleep, his language has progressed a great deal as well. We believe that this has to do with the layering of the products provided by our Nikken Wellness Home. As parents of children with Autism we know that toxins in our environment negatively impact our children. We cannot underestimate the value of clean air and water in our homes for the benefit of our children. –Shelly Roney Castle Rock, CO

I’ve had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 1991. My MD said there was no cure. I ultimately went to a chiropractor who put me on vitamin supplements which helped some but I was fired from my job because I was just too tired to fulfill my responsibilities. I later ended up with a homeopathic M.D. and did get my life back for the most part except I still needed at least 9 hours of sleep a night and could not overexert in any way physically or emotionally. I had trouble concentrating. I basically just made it through a calm day. Then Nikken came on the scene. After a few weeks on the mattress, I wasn’t aching all over and I had energy. Now after 2 years on the mattress, 1 year on all the Nikken nutritionals and 1 week on PiMag, I’ve never felt or looked so good and I’m 56 years old! I usually get 7 to 7 1/2 hours a sleep a night but if I get way less, I can still function for a really long day and not have to make up for it later. It’s great. I can plan things to do now and know that I’ll have the energy on that day to do it. WOW! Are these products worth it…. I have a life now… much is that worth?  –Sue Hetherington in Arizona.